9 manners to maintain as a guest at a Kenyan wedding 2019

1. Invitations

Do not attend a wedding if you have not been invited. Also, don’t add an extra person to the wedding if you were the only one invited. If the invitation states you and your family, bring them along.

2. Dressing

Probably, this one you already know, do not wear white or show up on jeans. So what should I wear to a wedding as a guest in Kenya? A formal dress or African cultural wear.For example a kitenge. If your style is trousers, wear an official one. Unless the bride tells you otherwise, avoid short dresses. For men a suit or a tux is recommended

3.Chatting (kupiga story)

Chatting or telling a story to a friend when the wedding is underway is not advisable. Wait for the moment to do that and to interact.

4.Keep time

Avoid being late, try to arrive early for the wedding. Also, wait to be ushered in and told where to sit. The front seats are usually reserved for the bride’s family and VIPs.

5. # at my friends wedding

Keep it offline. Avoid taking selfies and posting online while the ceremony is underway. Wait for the reception or after party where doing it will be okay. Also, avoid taking photos of others when the ceremony is going on.

6. The speech

If you are invited to make a speech, make sure it supports the couple and not to embarrass them. But in some cases, you can make it fun by including funny moments. This mostly applies to relatives. For example, if I were to make a speech at my brothers’ wedding, I would make it really funny.

7. Alcohol

Two words for this, drink responsibly. You don’t want to be drunk and loose yourself and end up being a nuisance.

8. Gifts

Show up with something. Bring considerable gifts. There is one wedding where someone gifted the couple an arsenal jersey and a washing powder. Maybe he wanted to make a joke which by the way I laughed hard because I knew the groom personally. But sometimes the jokes can go against you and the moment become disastrous. Avoid risking it.

9. Stealing from the wedding

There have been cases where guests steal gifts from the wedding. Come on this is the most embarrassing thing that can happen to anyone caught.

Finally, just have good manners and play the part. Weddings are supposed to be fun express yourself with moderation.

Wedding guest manners in Kenya
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Wedding guest manners in Kenya
Tips on how to behave on a Kenyan wedding as a guest.
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