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About Happy Wishy

Happy Wishy is a rental and retail wedding gown, video games and fashion firm which was founded in October 2014. Our current line of products is; Wedding dresses, Wedding accessories, flower girl dresses, Tuxedos and suits, Video games, Handbags, watches, and fashion. We currently only have one pick up and drop off location which is in Nairobi CBD.

How it Works


Search for the wedding dress or evening gown you want for your wedding or event.


Find your dream gown.Check for measurements to ensure it will fit you.


Wear it for your special day.


We will offer the return shipping from your delivery location or drop it off in Nairobi CBD.

Pick up and drop off location

Address:15346-00100 Nairobi. Pickup & drop off point at Nairobi CBD el-roi plaza next to coop bank ATM Tom Mboya branch shop #3.

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