How To Accessorize a Wedding Dress

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Do you know how you should accessorize your wedding dress as the bride? If somehow or not sure, get details about how it should be done.

1. Head

  • Bridal veil. Long or cathedral veils should be worn with dresses that have short or no train whereas bridal gowns with long train should be worn with short or semi-cathedral veils. The color of the veil should also match the gowns’ color. A bridal veil is also optional, some brides choose to wear one while others choose to go without.
  • Tiara. A tiara is optional too. A tiara can be mixed with a hairpiece plus the veil. Silver tiaras should be worn with white wedding gowns. A gold tiara should be worn with an ivory one. The simple rule is that your jewelry should match your wedding dress color. If you decide to mix the tiara with a hairpiece, the hairpiece should be worn on the side. The veil comb should also be placed behind the tiara so as the tiara can be visible. Another note is that silver tiaras look well on black color hair.
  • Earrings. The best ear accessory is dangling diamond or silver color earrings, especially on white wedding dresses. This should match a white veil and a silver tiara or hairpiece. Golden earrings can be worn with vivid ivory wedding dresses. Black or decorated Saphire or pearl color can be worn as long it matches the dress. This kind goes well with wedding gowns with a trim of different colors.
  • Hats. They are rarely worn and most ruin the bride’s look. If necessary avoid wearing a hat during your wedding.

2. Body

  • Neck. A silver, diamond, white, black or gold necklace can be worn. This should complement the dresses’ color and head jewelry. Bridal gowns that cover your neck do not need necklaces accessories. Unless you are an Indian bride, a gold necklace isn’t worn much.
  • Wrists and hands. Silver or gold color bracelets and bangles can be worn. Make sure they match the previous accessories. Gloves also should match the dress color.

3. Feet

  • Shoes. Put on something comfortable. If you find it difficult walking on heels, then put on flat shoes. And this isn’t a big deal since your bridal gown will cover almost every part of your feet.

4. Other accessories

  • Handbags and purses. Brides can carry purses or small handbags to put their small requirements. The color of the purse or handbag should complement the bridal dress.
  • A jacket. This is used in case the weather changes. A white or ivory color is ideal.

In conclusion on how to accessorize a wedding dress, make sure your jewelry matches your wedding dress. Check out our wedding dress collection and also, follow our Instagram page for more helpful tips.