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The PlayStation 5 in Kenya will be released on November 19, 2020. How much will PS5 cost in Kenya? The ps5 digital version price in Kenya is Ksh.41,000 while the blu-ray disc drive version is Ksh.51,000. Sony finally announced. 2. How will the ps5 console and controller design look like? Sony finally shared images of […]

Xbox Series X Details in Kenya

The Xbox series X and series S in Kenya will be released in 10 November 2020. Xbox series x will have two versions of the console: one with a disc drive while the other will be a digital version named Xbox Lockhart(Series S). In the article below we will see most details about the console. […]

Below are 9 manners for a wedding guest. 1. Invitations Do not attend a wedding if you have not been invited. Also, don’t add an extra person to the wedding if you were the only one invited. If the invitation states you and your family, bring them along. 2. Dressing (What to wear to a […]

How To Accessorize a Wedding Dress

Do you know how you should accessorize your wedding dress as the bride? If somehow or not sure, get details about how it should be done. 1. Head Bridal veil. Long or cathedral veils should be worn with dresses that have short or no train whereas bridal gowns with long train should be worn with […]

Hiring wedding gowns. So you have just completed your budget and the next thing left is finding your wedding gown, venues and all other requirements for a wedding, right?. If this is you welcome to this post and I will be sharing with you how the simple process goes. One thing you will search thoroughly is […]