5 Honeymoon destinations preferred by Kenyan couples.

Do you have an idea of which honeymoon destinations Kenyan couples visit more? Probably you know some or have heard of some. If you follow us on twitter, probably by now you are aware of the destinations but in case you missed them, we will list them again.

I will start by stating that every country in the world has its special unique culture that attracts tourists all over the world therefore, every country is a good destination for your honeymoon. Below are the top destinations preferred by Kenyan couples.

1. France

Paris has been known as the city of love, it is always on mind for most couples who have never visited before. Either it is the curiosity by couples to have an experience in the city of love, or it is the presence of the Eiffel tower or just the romantic French language. Either way, it is a top destination for Kenyan couples.

Honeymoon destination by Kenyan couples.

2. Lamu and Mombasa

Lamu is also known for its entertaining culture. From the donkey rides to the housing infrastructure. On the other hand Mombasa is known for its luxurious beaches and hotels.

Lamu Kenya

3. Dubai

Dubai itself is a top tourist attraction. With nice hotels and top architecture, it is usually a selection by most Kenyan couples. I mean who wouldn’t like to see the tallest building in the world the Burj Khalifa.

burj khalifa honeymoon

4. Venice Italy

It can resemble Lamu in a way but the culture and mode of transport makes it a place to experience. With nice fashion and the famous ballet performance.

enice italy

5. Seychelles

Located in East of Africa, It is an island rich in nice beaches, natural beauty and strange animal breeds.


Other destinations include;

  • Hawaii
  • Maldives
  • Thailand
  • Fiji, Melanesia
  • Mauritius
  • Morocco
  • India
  • Croatia
  • St Petersburg

In conclusion, Almost every country is a honeymoon destination. Just decide with your significant other which culture interests you the most. But these are the most preferred honeymoon destinations by Kenyan couples. Read more articles on our blog section. Also, please follow us on Twitter to get fast notifications on content published.