Tuxedos and suits

Buy or rent tuxedos and suits in Nairobi and Kenya for your wedding. Even if you are a guest at the wedding. Are you hosting a show tonight, going for a date or attending a job interview? Whatever the case we have tuxedos for you.


Tuxedos are commonly used for social events like weddings, parties, high-end auctions and any social event. There are different colors of tuxes but black is the common color. The fabric which is common is wool. However, nowadays there are probably tuxedos which are made of leather.

Features of a tuxedo

  • Always have a lapel
  • The fabric is mostly wool
  • Always one buttoned
  • No vent or one vent
  • Only bow ties will be worn with tuxedos

An events tuxedo is usually a bit classy from those of waiters.


Suits are commonly used for professional purposes. For example jobs, interviews or business appearances on TV.

Features of a suit

  • Always worn with longer ties but not bow ties
  • Two buttons or three
  • Lapels are of the same fabric and color
  • Two or more vents
  • Suit Buttons on the hand

Suits are commonly used for business purposes while tuxedos for social events.

Buying suits and tuxedos from Happy Wishy

First of all, measure yourself at home first before placing an order. Also, confirm your size with the size chart. You can pay Ksh.500 first and the rest when the suit gets delivered to you. For renting, also follow the same process. You can pay for home try on and the tux or suit will be delivered to your home or office and if you decide to rent or buy. Finally, choose which suits you and place your order.

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