Bucket shoulder bag


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DESIGN; Bucket bag

DESIGNER; Made in Kenya

COLOR; Maroon


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Bucket Shoulder bag.

Bucket shoulder bags or handbags are called so because they slightly resemble a bucket at the bottom. They have some ropes to be tied into knots at the top. Again I know you have seen them around either with your friends or someone or better used them before. Well if you saw one and admired it and wondered where they bought it from, You have found one of the places they are sold. This handbag is maroon in color. Below are the features;

  • Maroon in color,
  • Has one long rope at the top to close the bag,
  • It has a height of 13 Inches.
  • The circumference is 32 inches but the material is flexible and hence stuff can be fixed inside.

Accessorizing with this bucket shoulder bag and the outfit,

Almost all outfits can be worn with this bucket handbag. However it is not suitable for dinner dates, use a clutch or a purse for that. Sleepovers or traveling somewhere maybe to a hotel destination will make this handbag a good selection. Or even if you are a student and you want to carry some books, this is your handbag. Find more selection of handbags here. Also, follow us on Facebook and all our social platforms to get updates on our upcoming products. You can sign up for our newsletter and get updated on our recent products, offers, and prices.



Additional information

Dimensions 13 in

Personal use, Wholesale


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