Pink wedding flower bouquet

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These artificial flowers are dropshipped and can take up to six weeks to be delivered.

DESIGN; Wedding bouquet

OCCASION; Weddings


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Pink wedding flower bouquet

This pink wedding flower bouquet is beautifully made to fit most wedding themes. The color is among the most used in weddings. The beautiful handmade craft is so amazing. The flowers look alive but you won’t believe it, it is an origami. Instead of purely paper, there is some plastic used. It is crafted to hold together for long. The ribbon is made of satin though. Also, there are some shiny crystals on every flower. It is meant to be tossed away by the bride to single women revealing the superstition behind it that the woman who catches it will be the next to get married. It is so strong that even when there is some scrambling, it will not get spoilt. Here are the features on it;

  • Pink in color
  •  Crystals on flowers
  • Lace ribbon
  • Waxed
  • portable
Wedding flowers in Kenya
Courtesy wedding bee

Have it for your wedding day. At the moment we have stocked only three of them but when our brides show more interest in them, we will fully stock them. Finally, I want to say that tossing the bouquet is a crucial part of any wedding and please do not let this moment pass you by. Even if it means plucking some nearby flowers and tossing them. Try as much as possible to do it. Browse through our wedding accessories catalog to find more amazing accessories.


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Any length veil is okay. A tiara or a great hair piece also is fine. Necklace. A silver or diamond necklace will compliment it. A pearl necklace will also be fine. The wedding gown can be of ivory or white color. A diamond, silver or shiny bracelet will complete it.

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