Common questions couples ask on weddings

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Common questions couples ask on weddings

Have you ever wondered what goes on most couples minds when they are about to do a wedding? These are the common questions couples ask themselves on weddings or before they get married.

common questions couples ask themselves on weddings

These questions worry them a bit. Or they are certainly just curious. Let’s get started.

Q1. How much does a modern wedding cost?

Majority ask themselves how much their wedding will cost. The cost of an average wedding is Ksh.400,000. But this figure varies a lot. There are many factors to consider when doing a wedding. Things like venues, bridal wear, guests, entertainment and many more.

Q2. Will my budget fit my expenses?

Yes. If the budget is properly executed it will fit perfectly. Sometimes it is advisable to put extra money on the budget because some expenses might occur which were not covered on the budget. Therefore, just put some away to avoid the hassle during the wedding day.

Q3. How do we find the best venue?

Majority of couples wonder how to choose the best wedding venue. This question is not that hard to answer since the couples do a site visit to the venues before they pay. Wedding planners will also assist on this matter. Questions about wedding venues are numerous. For example how many people can the venue accommodate and so on?

Q4. Will we get along with the vicar?

Yes, you will. In most cases, couples get along but there have been some isolated incidents where there have been misunderstandings.

Q5. How many people do we invite?

As many as you went. But keep in mind that the guest number will influence the venue since the bigger the number the bigger the venue and the cost likewise.

Q6. Who should we invite?

Couples ask themselves this question frequently. The best answer is to invite the most important people in your lives. Just do a hierarchy and this question will be answered. This is on the most complicated questions couples ask. It is because if you do not invite some people, an enormity maybe formed and they might start cutting you on their lives. Probably no one wants this.

Q7. Will the DJ and the emcee keep the audience entertained?

This question comes across many couples’ mind. The answer is again “tricky” but if you hire a well-experienced crew, everything should go on well.

Q8. Will my vows go smoothly?

Most ask this question privately. The main worry is the question if probably anyone will object the unity of the couples in holy matrimony. What if an ex or someone comes forward. This gives most couples a cold chill. But most do not worry because their relationships are known to the public.

Q9. How will I take the kiss?

Many do a deep one while others feel shy and go for a peck or a slight one. Whichever the case this is not hard. This is in the common list of questions couple ask themselves. The kiss.

Q10. What kind of advice will I get from my guests?

Guests especially those older than you will put forward some tips and advice on how to stay married. The couples fantasize what different guests will tell them. A funny example of advice I hear is that marriage is not easy it’s just tolerating one another.  The truth is that most will have the best interest at heart for you.

Q11. Answering how we met question?

This is another fun question for most couples. They just wait for it and give a different version of the story. The bride has hers while the groom likewise has his. In a fun way, I mean. But consequently, it creates chemistry among the couples.

Q12. Guests, how many will show, make a fool of themselves, stay?

This probably ponders some couples. Others come and make a fool of themselves or let us call it “bring fun to the wedding” due to some drama they bring. As a result, this factor makes many people want to attend the wedding because they anticipate entertainment. I personally like some of them. The ones that their drama is introducing some funny dance moves. Others may be a nuisance and try and ruin the day. I don’t like them. Another concern is for guests who have traveled from far. Where will they sleep after the ceremony? You will have to book a hotel for them.

Q13. How long will the ceremony take?

This is among the common questions couples ask. Either they want it to end quickly or last longer. Some want to get to the honeymoon phase soon because it is always fun. Others take the after party to clubs. Whichever the reason, it is a question that couples ask themselves.

And finally, weddings are fun. The ones I attended made my day. This is due to unique dance moves, interactions, bridal trivia questions and making new friends made me to always want to attend weddings. Follow our Youtube channel and see some of our funny video compilations. Also, have a look at our wedding gown collection if you are planning on doing a wedding and you have not found your gown yet.

I would also like to hear from you. What questions come through your mind when you want to do your wedding or what questions came through your mind when you wanted to do your wedding. Tell me below and widen my imagination.