Rent or sell your wedding dress

Do you have a beautiful wedding dress just sitting in the house and you would like to make money off it? If yes, then we have an option for you. You can rent it out or sell your wedding dress if it’s new or pre-owned and get paid. Fill in the form below and get started.

The phone number where you will receive your payments from and communication.
Choose whether you are selling or renting? Check all boxes that fit your criteria.
The selling and renting price of your gowns if you are renting out. Whatsapp the pics plus price if you have multiple dresses.
Bust size in inches
The material used to make the gown or dress.
Zip or lace corset
The description you want your gown to be posted with. E.g Title, special craftsmanship on the gown
Choose to drop it off in Nairobi CBD or tell us your location and send it via EMS(Posta)

WhatsApp us the images of your wedding dress and we will get back to you very soon.

Common Questions

Immediately after the gown rental process is completed.

The sooner the better. Drop it off within 3 days after the order. Please do not inconvenience us. If you sell it on your own kindly give us a whatsapp message.

Almost all, but it has to be in good condition which can be used by another person. Also the fabric if it can be dry cleaned well. If you will be leaving the drycleaning to us. We encourage designs with sleeves.

Yes you can and you will keep the evening dress and once it is booked for rental you will drop it off at CBD.

You will be keeping your gown and once an order is made you drop it off. 

Since we will be enabling the client to send you WhatsApp messages, we will take no commission if you sell your dress outside our platform. Normally we take a 30% commission on your wedding dress rental and 25% if you sell your wedding dress and extra 800 for the wedding dress garment bag if you are selling the dress. or alternatively provide your own garment bag. For dresses we take a 10% commission for renting or selling.  For rentals a professional cleaning fee will be charged every time your dress is rented out if you leave the cleaning to us.

The difference is we will take care of everything for you while classified you deal with clients directly. In Fact you can spend almost no time since you can only be dropping off and picking up the dress and we’ll take care of the rest. But it can also be similar to classifieds if you decide to deal with the clients directly.

If for any reason you feel you don’t want to rent, contact us and we will remove your dress listing  immediately if it’s not on rental. Please don’t inconvenience us, notify us very soon if you don’t want your dress to be listed.

You will have to drop it off in Nairobi CBD El-roi plaza shop number 3. If you live outside Nairobi you will ship it to us via EMS or G4s.

Yes,you will store it for yourself and once a client books it you will have to send it to us within three to five days. 

We will use EMS or Easy coach or G4s courier for that.

You can sell new or pre-owned wedding dresses. Make sure the condition is great, otherwise we will reject it.

You can set any price you want.

Contact us for any help you might need. Also follow us on twitter to get firsthand updates.