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To subscribe, use the button above. You will be  added to the yearly subscription and then select a game you want to rent and it will be delivered to you or you pick it up from our pick up location. Afterwards you will be paying Ksh.1000 every time you exchange another game until your one year is over and then you will need to subscribe again. This option is suitable if you already have or you frequently rent gaming consoles.

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If you haven’t noticed, our yearly subscription fee equals a brand new game so even if you are buying it is wise to subscribe and in case later you feel like exchanging you just do it at 1000 instead of buying a second game.

Lifetime subscription means that once you pay for the subscription that’s it and you will only be paying the 1k every exchange even for future games like PS5 and you will be receiving two games at a go. Yearly means you will have to renew it every year.

As long as you like. You will only be charged one thousand shillings every time you exchange a game.

One game at a time which you can keep exchanging any time.

We replace old cd’s occasionally. On your part you will have to take care of the disc or you will be charged more for your next exchange. Don’t scratch the disc.

We will ship the game to your location and you will have to ship it back to us or drop it off in Nairobi CBD.

  • Select

    Select the game you want to play. one game at a time.

  • Subscription

    If you have already subscribed you can continue and add the game you want to cart and fill out the delivery info and pay the 1k. If it's your first time, select the 6k option and you will be added automatically to the subscription and pay 1k everytime you exchange a game. Here is the catch, your first game when you subscribe is free which is the average price of a new video game meaning its like you are buying a new game and you can exchange it whenever you want.

  • Ready for delivery

    Now you can opt to pick it up in CBD or choose for it to be delivered at your doorstep if you live in Nairobi county. Give it at least three days if you live outside Nairobi.

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