7 most appreciated wedding gifts in Kenya

Wedding gifts in Kenya.

Hi, have you ever gifted someone and you got the feeling that they did not like and appreciate it so much? Yes for me it has happened. The same goes for wedding gifts. You can buy a gift for the Weds and it turns out later it wasn’t that significant to them. Let’s go straight ahead and look at the most appreciated wedding gifts in Kenya by most married couples.

1. Land

Most couples appreciate this gift very much. The reason being it’s economic value attached to it.

2. A house

It fills the couple with joy whenever they receive this gift. This answers part of the curious question of why couples are always eager to have as many VIPs in their weddings. The gift is important because they are going to start their new life and they will definitely need the house.

3. A car

Not only couples but almost everyone loves luxurious gifts. This gift has gone so far to result in couples starting comparing who really cares for them. High-end cars tend to be the chosen choice but still, a middle-level one might do.

4. Expensive phones

These gifts are becoming popular. A latest phone in the market will do. Mostly brands associated with a class, such as iPhones and Samsung.

5. Household items

Decor, Tv’s, fridges, home theatres are really appreciated by modern couples.

6. Paid vacations and honeymoon

It is the modern world and things are changing. A paid trip to luxurious destinations for the couples honeymoon or an addon to their honeymoon will make them pleased. For example common destinations include Dubai or South Africa.

7. Personal branded gifts

This is last on the list since most people use it. Gifts like the couples name on an antique watch, pillow or painting. The list is large. Buy a watch as a gift.

In conclusion, this is where we are and we just need to move along with it. However, by knowing the couple more, you are likely to get the best gift for them. For instance, if marrying couples are wealthy, gifts like land or expensive phones are irrelevant. In that situation, personal branded gifts seem ideal. What wedding gifts in Kenya have you ever gifted or what would you like on your wedding. We would like to hear your thoughts.

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